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About me


I am an interior designer whose profession is also her lifestyle. Design is how I perceive the world and it is my favorite activity. It is an exciting creative process where I can help an individual to create their space. Interior design includes everything that fascinates me – bringing ideas and imagination to life, attention to detail, and communication with people while improving their quality of life.

I create contemporary, high quality and well though-out interiors for residential and commercial properties. In the process, I use a wide range of tools to attain the desired outcome. I am inspired by natural esthetics and materials, contrasts, and bold combinations as well. I invigorate the interior by combining various textures and mixing the old with the new. Artwork on walls is chosen to elegantly complement furniture and accessories. Indoor plants are a great way to connect with nature and refresh any space. I strive to create original ambiances, therefore I often design the project’s furniture. I pay attention to details in order to make the interior unique.

In each project I have extra focus on layout and functional aspects to meet the client’s needs as much as possible. I also pay close attention to light fixture solutions as they influence the space during throughout the day and night.

I put my heart into the design solutions as much as in the communication with my client to ensure a pleasant and lasting customer experience. Each project is unique as is every client. I look forward to meeting you and discussing design solutions tailored exclusively for you.