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The interior is a living space where one spends much of their precious time. It is a place where the some of the most important and most beautiful moments of your life unfold. I offer to create a unique interior specifically suited to your tastes – where individuality, esthetics and functionality meet.

Individuality. The blend of feelings, perceptions and needs is unique for each of us. Great interior highlights this distinctive blend to reflect the character of the individual.

Esthetics. An interior is beautiful and harmonious when it has uniform, well-presented style, high esthetical value and interior details that make it unique.

Functionality. The comfort and convenience of an interior is key to successful design. Your premises should meet your needs but also provide an atmosphere aligned with your tastes.

Laura Zvigule Interior Design offers the full spectrum of interior design services, starting with creation of the design concept and drawings up to a fully fitted and established interior. You can share your wishes and I will help your design dreams come true.