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1st review

If you wish to attain a home environment where you always feel good, then I definitely recommend Laura Zvigule! Laura has designed our home with an extra careful approach. She carefully listened to the wishes of each of our family members, resulting in an excellent compromise in the selection of color palates, as well as furniture, lamps and other design items.

In my opinion, the most important thing is that this designer is also able to achieve a great result with an economical budget. She has extensive knowledge of vendors and manufacturers, both in Latvia and internationally. Laura does not aggressively force her opinions and personal style. Rather, she very professionally encourages and ably convinces what might be better. Following renovation, our home has become not only a favorite meeting place but also a design benchmark, for both relatives and friends. For such a result, we are extremely pleased (and even a wee little bit boastful). We are so grateful to the creative and ‘strong’ designer Laura Zvigule!  – Ilze Seržante

2nd review

Working with Laura was a most pleasant and creative experience. She listened attentively to the differing wishes of our family members and endeavoured to lead us to one, common solution. She strived to get to know us in order to better understand the model of living space that suits us. She did not force her own vision but, rather, substantiated her thoughts and ideas with examples from her experience, thus convincing us to accept her creative suggestions and design solutions. Laura conscientiously observed deadlines and completed development of the project. – Ieva Jaunzeme